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Italian ingredients used to stuff jumbo mushrooms with zesty flavour
These extra-large mushrooms hold more filling and thus make an excellent vegetable accompaniment for dinner. Or serve them as part of an antipasto platter.

P.B.L.T Salad
The favorite combination of bacon, lettuce and tomato tops baked portabella mushrooms instead of bread for a light lunch.

Almond and Herb Mushroom Caps
If you picked up the summer issue of the LCBO Food & Drink Magazine, you were in for a treat. These easy to make stuffed mushrooms are perfect for entertaining with a glass of Savory & James Amontillado Dlux.

King Oyster Mushroom Satay
This interesting recipe is part of the 5 No-Cook Dishes Raw Food at Home Menu over at

Unearth the flavor of the humble mushroom
“Few foods are as versatile or span cuisines like mushrooms,” writes Johnathan L. Wright as he shares his insights into the humble mushroom, and a recipe or two.

Portabella mushrooms don’t have to play second fiddle
Portabella mushrooms, for instance, can be marinated and grilled, or you can stuff them with spinach or crab dip and bake them.

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Mushroom Pecan Burger

Cajun Mushrooms with Andouille

Spinach & Feta Stuffed Mushrooms

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Feature Friday: Portabella Mushrooms are King of the Grill

Fire up the grill for some fresh Canadian Portabellas this summer

With barbecue season in full swing, why not fire up the grill for some fresh Canadian Portabella Mushrooms? Portabellas are the ultimate heroes of the grill, offering a great meat alternative and endless versatility.

Try ’em as a meat alternative
Portabellas have a natural meaty flavour and texture, which is why they are often eaten as a meat alternative. They can absorb marinades just like meat, as well as offer their own natural Umami flavour. Take a look at the benefits of substituting a grilled portabella for a beef patty:

• Substitute a 4-ounce grilled portabella mushroom for a 4-ounce grilled beef patty (70% lean) and save 270 calories, 20 g fat, 8 g saturated fat and 93 mg cholesterol. WOW!

How versatile are they?
There are many ways that you can prepare the very versatile Portabella mushroom on the grill, here are just a few quick recipe ideas.

Grill up a portabella basted with a smoky barbecue sauce. Top with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Serve hot on a big toasted Kaiser bun.

Lightly brush portabella with oil, and season with salt and pepper. Grill whole along with a thick slice of red or white onion. Serve both mushroom and onion, sliced on top of a sizzlin’ hot steak.

Side Dishes
Marinate whole portabella mushroom in balsamic or Italian vinaigrette for 1 hour. Grill over medium-high heat for 6-7 minutes. Remove from grill, slice and serve on top of a side salad.

Try Mushrooms Canada’s “Grilled Chicken and Portabella Mushrooms with Peppercorn Sauce,” it’s simple to prepare yet special enough for entertaining.

So versatile and easy, grilled portabellas make a great burger, side, topper or entree.

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Mushroom Monday Challenge

Mushroom Monday ChallengeLast Monday I was pretty successful with this challenge. I had a quick mushroom breakfast which consisted of Mushrooms & Scrambled Eggs on Toast, I threw a couple of sliced mushrooms into my salad at lunch, and had tasty Stir-Fried Beef with Mushrooms and Asparagus for dinner. I didn’t include mushrooms as a snack (or a dessert… which I am still not sure about), but other than that, I did great!

For more Mushroom Monday inspiration, I have decided that I will share my recipes that I make at home. Most of the time I try to make the delicious mushroom recipes that are in our library, but sometimes I just throw whatever I have on hand into a pan. You will be able to find these recipes on my Recipezaar Page, and I will also share some here on the blog.

Stir-Fried Beef With Mushrooms and Asparagus
Prep Time: 6 min. Cooking Time: 25 min.

This was my first “Mushroom Monday Challenge” dinner. I love stir-fries, and this one comes together in a snap. You can always use any vegetables that you may have on hand if you are short what’s listed in the ingredients. Red or green peppers could be used if you don’t have asparagus, even a little sliced carrot would be delicious.

2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 beef steak, any kind, cut into 1 inch chunks (16-24 oz)
1 small onion, sliced
2 tablespoons fresh garlic, minced
1 tablespoon fresh ginger, grated (optional)
1/2 lb asparagus, sliced into 1-inch pieces
8 ounces sliced mushrooms
2 heads baby bok choy
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 teaspoon sugar (optional)
fresh ground black pepper
1/4 cup water
2 cups cooked white rice

1. Cook the rice, as per package directions, while you prepare the stir-fry.
2. Add 1 tbsp to a large deep frying pan. Heat oil over high heat, about 30 seconds. Add beef to pan and cook until medium, or 3-5 minutes. Remove beef from pan, and set it aside.
3. Lower the heat to medium, and add the remaining 1 tbsp oil. Add onions, garlic, and ginger (if using). Stir and cook for 30 seconds, then add asparagus, mushrooms and bok choy, cook 3-4 minutes or until vegetables have softened.
4. Return beef to pan. Add soy sauce, sugar (if using), and pepper, toss to coat everything in sauce. Add 1/4 water, and raise heat to high, cook until water has slightly reduced and sauce starts to thicken.
5. Serve stir-fry over hot white rice.

Remember you can leave your experiences in the comments section of this post, email me, or blog about the Mushroom Monday Challenge on your own blog.


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Feature Friday: Mushrooms Canada Summer Newsletter

It’s here, it’s here!! Fresh out today is the latest edition of the Fresh. Simple. Good. Newsletter.

In this Summer edition you will find:
• The “Secret” to Perfect Sautéed Mushrooms
• Feature Video: Simple Sautéed Mushrooms
• Mushrooms and Your Health: Arthritis
• “Watch for Us” telling you exactly where Mushrooms Canada will be in the coming months, including the National Women’s Show, Toronto
• Need a fast side to your barbecued steak, chicken or pork? Simple Sautéed Mushrooms are what you need!

Pssst! You can also check out past issues of our Award Winning Newsletter by visiting the “Newsletter” page on the Mushrooms Canada website.

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Mushroom Monday Challenge

Mushroom Monday ChallengeHow goes the Mushroom Monday Challenge? My week flew by with minimal success on my past Mushroom Monday. I managed to eat mushrooms in both my lunch and dinner, so I am halfway there. Today looks more promising!

I received an email from Shannon saying although she loved the idea of Mushroom Monday, wasn’t sure where to find recipes.

There are many great mushroom recipes out there, you just have to do a little searching. The first place I would suggest would be on the Mushrooms Canada website (of course), but you can also find delicious recipes on food blogs.

Here’s are some great recipe ideas for today’s Mushroom Monday Challenge:

We offer up our favourite breakfast recipe, Baked Eggs with Mushrooms. It’s simple, and is something that you can easily customize to individual family tastes. Watch the cooking video here.

Ellie over at Vintage Victuals serves up Southern Hominy with Squash and Mushrooms.

Find Dinner over at Eat Me Delicious, who’s serving up a Mushroom Pecan Burger.


Mushrooms with Mediterranean Tuna Dip, a great dip for enjoying fresh vegetables.

Remember you can leave your experiences in the comments section of this post, email me, or blog about the Mushroom Monday Challenge on your own blog.


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