Grow Me, Blog Me: Winner #1

I hope you’ve all been having fun with your mushroom growing kits! I’m seeing a lot of chatter online about the mushrooms- the growing, the waiting, the care and attention and the recipes!

We had set the first of three deadlines for the $50 Visa Gift Cards, for this past Tuesday, May 14th. We know many of you are still growing, or have not had the time to get around to writing a post, so don’t worry, two more deadlines will be set very soon. However, we do know that there’s some “keeners” in the mix and we wanted to celebrate your mushroom growing accomplishments!

Our first randomly chosen winner of the $50 Visa Gift Card for our Grow Me, Blog Me Giveaway is… *drumroll*

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Mushrooms on the Grill

I hope you all got to spend the weekend in the sun like I did! What a beautifully warm weekend we finally had. I think this year has hit me particularly hard, with such a long cold snowy winter. Now that sun sun and the heat is here, I’m taking advantage of it! Long walks in the woods, bike rides and of course, grilling.

This past weekend, I pulled everything I could out of the fridge and threw it all on the barbecue. Chicken breasts, peameal bacon on a bun, roasted peppers and mushroom caps stuffed with goat cheese and pesto and some bacon wrapped Enoki mushrooms.

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Playoff Snacks

I don’t know about you, but I am a massive hockey fan and I am all too excited to see my life-long favs back in the NHL playoffs. It’s been a rough 9 years, but the Toronto Maple Leafs are making their way back to ice for their first game tonight against the Boston Bruins.

9 years is a long time…a very long time. To put things in perspective, I didn’t even have my drivers licence the last time they were in the playoffs. Even weirder, iTunes didn’t exist yet, no one has ever Tweeted during a Leafs playoff game and we certainly didn’t get to watch the game in HD. These are facts that seem way too scary and make me feel kind of old.

Whether you’re a fan or not, I’ve got some great game-time snacks that will have everybody cheering.

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