Behind the Scenes at Mushrooms Canada: Mushrooms Go PINK

To say that the past few weeks have been busy would be an understatement. Clare Jones, our nutritionist & home economist, and I have been traveling all around Southwestern Ontario visiting local TV stations and cooking up a PINK storm. From London to Ottawa, we are spreading the word about PINK mushrooms.

If you missed seeing us on your local station, don’t fret. Here is a round up of all the appearance we have done to date.

Rogers Durham Region

Recipe: Mushroom & Squash Bisque

Rogers London

Recipe: Beef & Mushroom Vietnamese Pho

CTV News Kitchener

Watch the Clip
Recipe: Mushroom & Squash Bisque

CityTV News
Watch the Clip

Not only have we been making our rounds on TV, we have also been spreading the PINK news in newspapers. Check out these wonderful articles on the Mushrooms Go PINK campaign:
Fifty-Five Plus
The Sun Media

Watch for us in Ottawa and Barrie next week!

And remember, Mushrooms Canada will make an additional donation of $0.10 directly to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada for EVERY person who “Likes” our Mushrooms Go PINK Page on Facebook.

More information and recipes at

Behind the Scenes: Soupalicious 2011 in Support of Plant a Row, Grow a Row

On occasion I get to travel out of the office and meet some amazing people at some spectacular events. As a matter of fact, this past Sunday, I did just that!

Mushroom Canada sponsored a great event called Soupalicious, which was hosted by the Compost Council of Canada in support of the Plant a Row, Grow a Row program. Lots of celebrity chef and news-makers graced the stage, but nothing could compare to who I stood next to for the day…

Johnny Bower Mushroom Soup

Johnny Bower.

Yes, on Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of cooking & serving French Mushroom Soup with Mr. Johnny Bower of the Toronto Maple Leafs. We were joined by over 50 local restaurants who came out to serve some hot soup, for a good cause, on a cold rainy day.

Mushrooms Canada Best Soup Award:
First Place: Johnny Bower, French Mushroom Soup
Second Place: Rosewood Catering, Blue Crab Mushroom Squash Soup
Third Place: Southern Accent, Butternut Shrimp Bisque

Behind the Scenes at Mushrooms Canada: Toronto Wine & Cheese Show

Happy Monday Mushroom Lovers! We have officially survived another (tasty) Food & Wine Show.

This past weekend Mushrooms Canada exhibited at the Toronto Wine & Cheese Show at the International Center. We spent the three days sauteing up some Fresh Crimini Mushrooms – and I hate to brag, but we were one of the most popular booths at the show!

Like at all shows, we had the opportunity to mingle with some great food exhibitors, including the Dairy Farmers of Ontario, Hot Mama’s and Metro – who were all handing out delicious samples. Chuck Hughes, from Food Netwrok TV show “Chucks Day Off,” also graced the Bosch Cooking Stage, whipping up a delicious seafood recipe. Who will be watching him on the coming season of Iron Chef? I know I will!

I would like to thank everyone who came out and tried a sample, asked a question, and filled out a ballot for our T-Fal pan draw!

I also want to thank my amazing staff, Michelle and Nikki.

And last but not least, I would like to thank the this guy…

I named him Toronto Wine & Cheese Show’s “Biggest Mushroom Fan.” He enjoyed 20+ samples over the course of the weekend, and declared us his favourite booth 🙂

See you all next year at the 2012 show!

Highlights of the week with Michelle

This week started out with Bill and Brittany giving me all of the information I need to get started on the Mushrooms Go Pink campaign. It was a little overwhelming at first since I haven’t ever done a entire campaign before, but they are very helpful with any questions I have needed answers to and they have given me great advice on ways to get started. It is really interesting and I enjoy doing the research on different ways to promote a fundraiser.

I have also started working on different logos for a new product that has been developed here at Mushrooms Canada. I have really enjoyed doing all of the creative designs for both projects so far and I am excited to see the final outcome for both of the assignments I have been given.

Highlights of the Week with Michelle

This first week working with Mushrooms Canada has been really interesting and informative. After getting adjusted to the office and some social networking, Brittany and I went to Piccioni Bros. Mushroom farm in Hamilton on Tuesday morning to go check out how they grow their mushrooms, and the process behind everything. I haven’t ever seen or been to a mushroom farm so I assumed that they grew outside, I was way off!!

I learned a lot of interesting facts about mushrooms that I didn’t know before, like how they double in size in 24 hours, and how the weather outside affects the growing process even though they grow indoors. The picking process is a really important job as well, because everything gets graded when the workers place the mushrooms in the containers and then the mushrooms are shipped to the stores. I was also very shocked when I found out that this farm ships out between 36,000- 39,000 lbs of mushrooms a week! I certainly learned that the growing and distribution procedure is a time consuming job that isn’t recognized.

I am excited to see what I learn about next week!