Fighting off the Winter Cold… with Soup!

Hello foodies! I should start this post by introducing myself as the new addition to the marketing department of Mushrooms Canada, Shannon. Brittany has taken me under her care and has been showing me the ins and outs of the fascinating world that is mushrooms. Although this is been a wild learning curve, I’m really loving my new position (because who doesn’t love mushrooms?!).

The worst part, however, is starting a new position while sneezing and coughing at my desk. It seems like everyone around me is fighting off sore throats and sniffly noses, why couldn’t I be the anomaly? Rather than reaching for the tissue box for the ump-teenth time, I went searching for a hot soup that sounded not only delicious, but would fill me as well – (leaving me to rest on the couch with a good movie!)

Shitake Mushroom, Swiss Chard and Bean Soup from Bon Eats

All mushroom varieties contain folate, while most varieties are also a good source of riboflavin and niacin, which help boost your immune system. Mushrooms also provide the minerals copper, selenium, potassium and phosphorus – the essential minerals to help boost antioxidants! Including versatile and delicious mushrooms in your diet will have you feeling better in no time. Perfect for when you’re feeling at your worst!

The Real Mushroom Soup from Seven Spoons

Cream of Mushroom Soup from Mushrooms Canada

These soups are the perfect solution for feeling under the weather this time of year and seem to make flu season bearable. I look forward to blogging for Mushrooms Canada, and am even more excited to post while feeling myself. Until next time mushroom lovers…

What are your favourite “I’m Sick” selections?

Remember, Make it with Mushrooms!

It’s Coming…

…the most exciting Global cooking battle since Iron Chef…

Food Bloggers from Canada, the US, and Australia will face off in this weekly challenge, starting August 31st, to see which country can claim the Mushroom Masters title.

On the Canadian side competing for mushroom glory we have:

Come back each week to see the newest recipe entry, and to head over to Tastespotting to vote for Canada!

Stay tuned because the contest starts next week!

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Canadian Food Bloggers – Join In!

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A New Year and a New Blog

Happy New Year Everyone, and welcome to the New Mushrooms Canada Blog.

Let me start with a little self introduction. My name is Brittany and I am the Marketing Manager for Mushrooms Canada. I started working with Mushrooms Canada three years ago when The Canadian Mushroom Growers’ Association was looking for a new identity. Over the past few years we have worked very hard to build the Mushrooms Canada brand into what you see here today. In other words, we have been pretty busy!

You may have seen Mushrooms Canada out-and-about recently; cooking mushrooms at several Women’s Shows, making appearances on TV, hosting Student Chef Competitions, and in magazines. Well, there is a lot more of that to come in 2009. So make sure you add this blog to your reader, sign-up for our Award Winning Newsletter, and check back regularly, because there will be tons of mushroom news and info coming your way!