How to Make Blended Burgers

Our friends at the Mushroom Council have put together this fabulous video showing us how truly simple it is to blend meat and mushrooms into a delicious burger!

It’s easy to make meals more nutritious without sacrificing everything we love about our meaty, juicy burgers. In fact, the method works in other meals too! Try blending meat and mushrooms for a lighter take on tacos, lasagna, meatloaf or meatballs.

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Guest Post: Mushroom Wonton Soup by The Tasty Gardener

We have a guest in the kitchen today! We’re happy to have Heather of The Tasty Gardener back with us. Last time, Heather shared a warm-weather Beef and Mushroom Kofta. Now that we’re in the dead of winter and afraid to leave our blankets, she’s back sharing the perfect winter soup. 

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Make it with Mushrooms for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to special occasions, do you like to stay in, or go out?

Since we find our lives so hectic, we take the opportunity on special occasions to stay in and enjoy the peace and quiet. We slow down for a night and get caught up on our ‘must watch’ list of movies that we never seem to get to on normal nights.

If you’re planning a romantic evening in, let us help with your V-Day menu! I know I’ll be choosing something from this delicious list…

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