Holiday Appetizer: Goat Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Happy Holidays!

Are you nearly ready for the holiday break? I know I am. I like to tackle the Christmas shopping early in my home to avoid the crowds and crazy shoppers. I’ve also been having a great time prepping for all of the get-togethers, which always revolve around food, drink and good times with friends.

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Make it with Mushrooms this Father’s Day

I always look forward to Father’s Day. It traditionally falls on a beautifully sunny weekend in June, allowing us to spend the day outdoors, on the patio, enjoying good company, good drinks and good food. Not that we ever need a special occasion to celebrate this amazing man in our lives, but having the excuse to get together never hurts.

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Make it with Mushrooms for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to special occasions, do you like to stay in, or go out?

Since we find our lives so hectic, we take the opportunity on special occasions to stay in and enjoy the peace and quiet. We slow down for a night and get caught up on our ‘must watch’ list of movies that we never seem to get to on normal nights.

If you’re planning a romantic evening in, let us help with your V-Day menu! I know I’ll be choosing something from this delicious list…

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Mushroom Festive Feasting: Mushroom Entrees

It’s officially one week until Christmas! Did that sentence make you excited or nervous? At this point, I can get excited. I’ve got all of my presents wrapped and under the tree and I’ve sorted my holiday menus. I really am on the ball this year!

Have you finalized your feasting features? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve shared our favourite appetizers, some mouthwatering side dishes and now, we’re sharing the main attractions! Here are some delicious entrees to make your table shine:

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