Top 10 Appetizers for the Holidays

Now that we are into December, I’m in full-fledged Christmas mode! The tree has gone up, gifts are wrapped underneath and I’m planning all of the tasty eats for the holiday season. In the spirit of preparation, I’m giving you an early look at my top 10 appetizers, in no particular order. Plan ahead and be ready to wow your guests this winter!

Mushroom Polenta Squares by Le Delicieux

Mushroom and Spinach Tartlets by Eclectic Recipes
Trio of Mushroom Tempura by More to Mushrooms
Crispy Baked Mushrooms by The Girl Who Ate Everything
Green Bean, Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Tart by Closet Cooking
Baked Mushroom Topped Brie by Mushrooms Canada
Caramelized Onion, Mushroom & Gruyere Tartlets by Brown Eyed Baker
Creamed Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms by Leslie Durso
Mushroom and Kale Wontons by So Hungry I Could
Mushroom Goat Cheese Phyllo Bites by Kitchen Confidante
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What appetizers are you cooking up over the holidays?


Turkey Round Up for our American Friends

To all of our friends in the United States, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you!! We can feel your excitement all the way up here in the North, and today is a day to celebrate! We are doing another round up of some great turkey dishes because even if it’s not a holiday up here today, we still know a good recipe when we see it!

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Happy Halloween!

Although it’s a chilly, rainy day, the Halloween spirit is not lost. I saw children boarding their school buses this morning decked out in their scariest trick-or-treating garb.

I’ve put together a list of great snacks for your little ones to enjoy before going candy hunting! Have these ready for when these little ghouls, witches and super heroes come home from school  this afternoon.

Scary Crunchy Portabella Fingers are the perfect festive snack! This Cap Crew Recipe quickly makes 10-12 slices. Make the dish a little more creepy, crawly, by placing a whole, fresh Portabella Cap on the plate, gills down, and placing the Portabella Fingers around it to make the tasty dish look even more like a hand!

If you have really little ones coming off the bus, you may be trying to get them to the neighbours before our limited daylight goes away. For a great snack in minutes, try this Snappy Cheesy Mushroom Snack on it’s own or on toast.

If you have time for a hearty, warm meal before sending them out to collect their treats, cook up some Yummy Macaroni, Cheese and Mushrooms. For some added texture to this meal, stir in some slices wieners, pepperoni, diced ham or crumbled pre-cooked bacon. Send them out on a full stomach so they wont be quite as tempted to eat their whole bag of goodies tonight.

Be sure to bundle them up in this chilly air and make sure they know the safety rules and the rules of the road. Hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!


It’s My Birthday & I’ll Eat What I Want To

I really didn’t shy away from the lead on this post. Today is my birthday!

Growing up, my mom would always let the birthday girl choose what was for dinner and today I’m reinstating that rule. In celebration of a day dedicated to me, I’m posting my perfect meal. A meal where I’m not thinking about what I currently have in my fridge or who else is going to like it or even what the cost is. On this day, I’m going to eat what I want to.
I love a simple breakfast. I’m not one for a huge, flashy breakfast in bed. Today, all I want is a Shiitake Mushroom Scramble. I love eggs at breakfast time and the addition of flavourful Shiitake mushrooms makes this meal the perfect little treat to get me started for the day… and the “in bed” part wouldn’t hurt either.
I’ve been posting a ton of soups lately and it’s really just because I LOVE soup. It’s the perfect comfort to any day and just screams the autumn season…which happens to also be my favourite season. you can tell I’m excited about today. So a long winded response leads to a very simple answer: Soup. Fresh Mushroom and Squash Bisque to be exact. 
Appetizer (because why not? It’s my birthday):
One of my favourite flavour combinations is black bean and mushrooms! Since I used shiitake mushrooms in my breakfast (might as well be practical even if I’m being frivolous), I’ll continue to use them with these incredible Shiitake and Black Bean Phyllo Triangles.
I’m not usually a big meat-eater, but on those rare special occasions I love to carve my knife into a perfectly cooked steak. Tonight, Glazed Beef Medallions with Mushrooms are on the menu!
These meals may not sound as if they go together all that well, but I certainly had a blast searching through recipes to find my favourites. Maybe “My Day Meals” need to happen more often.
Do you have a favourite meal on your birthday?


Thanksgiving Leftovers

What a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend we had! The weather, albeit chilly, turned out to be quite beautiful, everyone was so happy to see each other and the home-cooked eats are never a let-down.

I spent the whole weekend with family on dog walks, visiting the fall fair and simply enjoying each other’s company, drinks in hand and good food on the table! I made it to three different family meals, each thankfully, a different main course! Saturday was chicken, Sunday a wonderfully traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, stuffing and cranberries and Monday was a ham and a beef roast!
For those of you who got to enjoy multiple turkey meals, I’ve pulled together some of my absolute favourite recipes to put those leftovers to good use!
By simply switching chicken for turkey, this Mushroom,Chicken and Leek Pot Pie becomes a Turkey Pot Pie and is a tasty way to free up some fridge space. The best part is, it’s ready in under an hour!
For a completely different flavour palate, Tasty Turkey Lasagna Rolls are a nice change. You can enjoy the beautiful taste of turkey in a simple family favourite.
Another easy casserole dish to use up those yummy leftovers is this Turkey Noodle Casserole and it’s quick and simple to prepare!
If you’re one of those keeners that love to make their own fresh cranberry sauce for the holidays, use your leftover cranberries in these delectable Cranberry Stuffed Mushrooms by Living Lou. Try them with dinner or as a great snack.
What are your favourite recipes for using up Thanksgiving leftovers?